Connecting abilities

Typography for social awareness

Anna Vives, a young woman with Down syndrome has created her own typography font which can be used on any word processor.

The aim of this initiative; #annatype, is to represent people with a disability and to disseminate and promote the values associated with the creation of the letters; social equality and the importance of teamwork in ‘connecting abilities’.



Anna does not realize how much her work with this special typography project can help many people. Her first job at a supermarket was a bad experience as she received no support from anyone. She did not know what to do and how to do it.

After this experience she remained without work for a long time which left her unhappy. Now, at Itinerarium Foundation she seems to have found what makes her happy; writing and drawing how she sees the world. Who knows if in time she will realize that her efforts, together with others have been a great contribution to society.

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The Foundation Itinerarium, a non profit social entity, with the BOX21 project promotes sport for every person by creating inclusive circuits permanently marked in different cities. They will be near nature and they will have some difficulty so that every body has to make an effort to overcome. They are routes adapted for deaf people, blind people, people with movement problems, with mental difficulties, with intellectual difficulties, and every body that supports «Connecting Abilities».
The world mountain race champions Kilian Jornet and Nuria Picas are the sponsors of the project. You can also help by disseminating Anna typography #annatype through your social networks and telling us what your initiatives and ideas are for ‘connecting abilities’ via